CanonnBall Run

Name: CannonBall Run Club
Technology: Maygay Epoch
Play: 10p
Jackpot: £150
Payout % 72%
Manufacturer: Global
Notes: Also have £75, £100, £200, £250, £500, £1000
Manuals Epoch Manual 1
Epoch Manual 2
Work Done:

June 2012

  • Replaced CPU board due to battery damage.
  • Replaced Hopper drive board due to it not detecting top door switch.
  • Hopper not paying out due to Elevator track had been installed upside down
  • Door switches connections had been ripped out - all replaced.   Red, Blue, Blank, Green, Blank, Orange
  • Refill key wires had been ripped out.  Re-wired green wire and orange with brown stripe.
Work to do: Unable to dump and set float
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