Monitor Repairs

Monitor Issues / Repairs

Missing a colour

If the monitor is missing a colour check cables, if they look ok then test the tube.  This can be done by eathing a cable on the frame and briefly touch each of the RGB pins on the back on the neck board briefly.  The monitor should fill will that colour.  If it doesnt then its probably the tube.  If you get all three colours then test the resistor and transceiver for each colour on the neck board. 

Details can be found here



If the monitor is arcing remove the annode cap and clean it and the monitor then rub some silcone grease on the rubber.  Dont get any on the metal bits.  



Before working on a monitor discharge it first.  To do this I use a car jumper cable.  I clip one end to the metal chasis and the the other end to a long metal screw driver.  Use the screwdrive to get underneath the annode cap and touch the metal points underneath.  Repeat the process just to be sure.  When removing the cap keep one hand behind back just to be safe.



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