Samsung Gear Smart Watch keeps turning off

My Samsung Gear Smart Watch kept turning off whilst it was on my wrist.  I could power it backup up again and it would work fine so it wasnt the battery.  It seemed to be due to flexing, I could almost simulate on demand if I was to twist the watch in a certain way.  I had a good look around on the internet but couldnt find anyone else with the same issue.  I used this video to see how to disasemble the watch which was very useful.  Interesting that the screws on the face of the watch are just for decoration.  Dont bother unscrewing thses as once unscrewed they are a nightmare to get back in. If you look at the video when you split the watch there are two boards and connecting the two boards there is a ribbon cable but also an number of contact pads on the bottom half and on the top half some tiny spung bits of metal that make contact with these pads.  All I did to fix my issue was gently prise each of these sprung bits of metal up so that they would make better contact with the pads when I put it all back together.

Hope this helps anyone else with a similar issue.





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