3 Holds

When you hold two symbols on the winline 3 times the 3rd symbol is guarenteed to drop in on the 3rd spin. If you are holding a symbol such as a “Bar”, or a “Red Seven” the machine is very unlikely to allow you to hold them 3 times – because the amount of money you win for these is higher than say a “cherry”.


You can tell if a machine is backing when you put a pound in. If you hear the pound fall right into the bottom of the machine, it is backing. This means that the “tubes” or the “hopper” is full (this is where the machine pays out from). If a machine is backing it could mean one of two things:

1) The machine is full because it hasnt paid out for ages, in which case you are much more likely to win a lot of money, or

2) The machine has recently been re-filled by an engineer, which means it is full but has recently paid a lot of money out which means it is much less likely that you will win any money.


You get a barcode when you have 3 bars in order on the winline. The order is SINGLE BAR, DOUBLE BAR, TREBLE BAR – (1,2,3). When you get a barcode, pressing a hold button, or a combination of hold buttons will give you a “Hidden Feature”. A reverse barcode is when you get a TREBLE BAR, DOUBLE BAR, SINGLE BAR (3,2,1). A reverse barcode will also give you a hidden feature, although these features will sometimes be different to the features on a normal barcode.

Cancel Button

The cancel button can affect many features on a machine. When you collect a feature (something that would take a lot of skill to do) try holding down the cancel button – this may slow things down. Examples of this are, Shockwave (Impulse), 11th Heaven (Impulse), Searchlight (Great Escape), Skill Nudges, Stopper, Skill Stop, Choose a trail, the list really does go on for ever.


An emptier is a method of playing a machine in such a way that you can totally “Empty” the machine of all its money. Emptiers are not knowingly put onto the machine by the manufacturer, but are “Bugs” or “Oversights” in the machines programming. Emptiers are becoming extremely rare on modern machines, and you would be very lucky to find one.


This is a method of attempting to win or force a streak. Basicaly it involves gambling every win until you get the Jackpot. It is important not to take any wins as this will set the machine back. When you have forced the jackpot, the machine should be happy enough to “streak”, this means it should give more large wins in a small period of time.

Holds After Nudges

When nudging if there is no win available try to bring two identical fruits onto the winline. When you have finished nudging the machine may give you a message indicating that if you press start, a win will come in – (“Okey Dokey Roll ‘Em” – JPM, “Let Em Spin” – Barcrest). If this happens DO NOT HOLD ANYTHING, just press start!

Invincible Mode

This is also known as a “Red Mode”. When a machine goes into this mode you are guaranteed the top prize, or the jackpot. You can tell when a machine is in this mode as the “Machine Logo” will turn a different colour (Usually Red) or will begin to flash etc. If this happens keep going to win at the very least a Jackpot (£15)!

Knockouts and Shots

A knockout is a random stop on the cash trail. Once a cash amount has been landed on, the machine will never land on it again. Heres an example: Cash trail = £1 – £1.60 – £2 – £3. If you have 3 knockouts it is impossible to get less than £2. The machine will usually offer £1 on the first knockout, then £1.60 on the second then £2 on the third. If the machine offers the £3 at any time – collect it.

Reel Blast

A reel blast is a random stop on the 9 fruits in view on the reels. Whatever fruit you stop it on, 3 of that kind will spin in. As with knockouts, if you have more than one reel blast, once one fruit has been “blasted”, you can`t land on it again. However, it doesn`t eliminate that fruit type e.g. you have 2 cherries and 2 reel blasts, you can still land on a cherry on your second blast even if you land on one with your first.

Refill Key

This is a key used by engineers and pub owners to see how much money is in the hopper and payout tubes. Players using these, can see whether the machine has been filled, and is more likely to pay. They are currently universal keys, although companies are introducing unique keys, which only work on one type of machine.


A Streak is when a machine has taken a lot of money, and is below its recommended payout percentage. It must then payout a substantial amount to put the balance right. This can be anything from £40 to £100.

Win Above/Below The Winline

If you have three matching symbols above the winline and the hold buttons quickly flash, or the reels shake etc., HOLD THEM ALL. The Win will drop down onto the winline!



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