Name:Ready to Rock
Technology:MPU 5
Payout % 
Work to do:Crashes on feature Tri-umphant.  Need to update roms

The Bottom game has a fruit matrix awarding access to the nudges. When on the nudge ladder, a number of seeded Bonus positions are lit at random points. Gambling to bonus awards the player a dapple on a selection of features. Above the feature reel is a four-stage panel with red and blue bulbs. For each gamble (Hi or Lo) lights the bottom position with the corresponding gamble. Linking three Lo’s or three Hi’s awards the player a bonus whilst linking four of the same awards a No Lose. The feature reel is extra wide to allow for a hi-Lo number and an advance position. The advance position (works on every successful gamble) advances the player up the feature trail within which are features, bonuses and icons for the end feature.

FRUIT MATRIX The fruit matrix is the players only route into the nudge ladder. Each completed line of fruits awards one nudge. A full matrix awards Jackpot.

OVERPRINTED BONUS SYMBOLS The player is required to light three overprinted horseshoe bonus symbols on the payline in order to access one of the following bonus features.

  • FRUIT DROP -guarantees the player at least one nudge.
  • SELECTOR -offers the player a random number of fruit combinations.
  • FRUIT ADD -adds a random number of fruits onto the matrix.
  • RESPIN -respins the reels adding at least one fruit.
  • FRUIT SKILL -awards a skillstop on all the unlit fruit positions.
  • FRUIT STEPPER -the reels step down adding any fruits landing on the payline into the matrix.
  • SHUFFLE -takes the current number of lit fruits and re-arranges them.
  • STOPPER -awards a random dapple on the unlit fruit positions.
  • SUPERHOLD -steps the reels one position either way allowing the player to hold to a new payline.


  • EXTRA ICON -Awards the player an extra icon in the end feature.
  • LUCKY 7 -awards a winning gamble on a Seven.
  • REELSKILL -spins the feature slowly allowing the player to select the next number/move
  • NO LOSE GAMBLE -the players next gamble is guaranteed.
  • EXTRA LIFE -allows the player to continue after one lose in the feature.
  • BONUS NUMBER-the hi 10 reel spins to a better number.
  • ADD AGAIN -adds the players move number again.
  • SUPER NUDGES -the player is awarded each way nudges.
  • SUPER SEVEN -boosts the player to the seven nudges position.
  • SUPER HOLD -the reels step each way by one position, the player must choose the best reels to hold.

Feature Trail

  • FEATURE TRAIL POSITIONS START -players starting position.
  • SPIN A WIN -spins the reels to a random win, pays it to the bank and terminates the feature.
  • EXTRA ICON -adds an extra icon to the end feature.
  •  UP AND DOWN -cash value rising and falling at random requiring a hit of the start button to stop on the highest win possible.
  • BONUS NUDGES -the player is awarded a random number of nudges.
  • ADD AGAIN -adds the move number again.
  • CASH RUN -Various scrolling cash values via the alpha, the player must choose the best win available.
  • BOOST -Boosts the player a various number of positions in the feature trail.
  • EXTRA ICON -adds an extra icon to the end feature.
  • TRIPLE CHANCE –reel a spins to a fruit the player is then given the chance to collect a corresponding three of a kind fruit win, or try for another fruit on reel b, the player can then choose to collect this win or try again on reel c.
  • TAXI-the player is offered a taxi style skill stop on the feature trail. EXTRA ICON -adds an extra icon to the end feature.
  • CASH CLIMB -starts by stepping the reels and adding in the overprinted numbers as they pass through the payline. The overprinted number will define how far up the cash ladder the player will climb, ie. a 4 Overprint will climb four positions. Note that the feature should not continue stepping unless it is willing to step to the next overprint.
  • ADD AGAIN -adds the move number again.
  • NUDGE SPINNER -spins the reels to a non winning payline and offers a various number of nudges to create a win.
  • BONUS NUDGES -the player is awarded a random number of nudges.
  • EXTRA ICON -adds an extra icon to the end feature.
  • PAY RISE -a rising/falling cash value via the alpha. The player must choose the best win available.
  • CASH LINK -a three shot climb up the award stack.
  • ADD AGAIN -adds the move number again.
  • GOLDEN HOLD -steps the reels two positions either side requiring the player to hold to the best win.
  • BONUS NUDGES -the player is awarded a random number of nudges.
  • EXTRA ICON -adds an extra icon to the end feature.
  • KNOCKOUT -the players hi-Io number is given to the player in the form of cash knockouts.
  • BONUS NUDGES -the player is awarded a random number of nudges.
  • DOUBLE HIT -the player is awarded two skill stops on the cash ladder. When the player stops on the first cash value, they are then given another skill stop on the cash values above the value that they first landed on.
  • LOCOMOTION -the reels line up and begin to spin, the player must stop the best win available.
  • EXTRA ICON -adds an extra icon to the end feature.
  • HI lO CASH -the player hi 10 gambles up the cash stack, the feature terminates when the player is unsuccessful in the hi 10 gamble.
  • CRAZY SEVENS -steak via the reels on all seven type wins.
  • ROCK Till YOU DROP -knocks out cash values leaving some lit values, all lit values are awarded to the player. The feature terminates if all the cash values are un lit.


  • HOLD AFTER NUDGE When nudges do not result in a win but the payline shows a pair of symbols. if hold is offered and ignored the reels spin to a win matching the pair.
  • HOLD AFTER WIN When there is a win on the payline the player may be prompted to hold the reels in order to repeat the win.
  • HOLD THREE TIMES If the player is offered hold on a pair of fruits for 3 consecutive games the player is spun in a matching 3 of a kind win.
  • MR BARCREST The Mr Barcrest button is used for slowing down some dapples skill stops etc



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